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Hebron Hall

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Welcome to Hebron Hall

Hebron Hall is a 20m x 10m pool. As with all of our pools, swimming lessons are at our core, we run weekly lessons during term time and Intensive Courses throughout most school holidays. There are large changing rooms and plenty of free, onsite parking.

All of our instructors are qualified through the Swimming Teachers Association and are passionate about teaching children to swim. We keep our classes small – a maximum of 3 children per class for beginners, 5 for intermediate and 6 for advanced, allowing our instructors and our children time to work and master their skills.

Discover Our Levels

Children thrive on praise, with our in house Swim Star program every child will be awarded with a certificate on completion of each star. If a little one is taking longer to progress through a star, milestone certificates have been created to ensure that every child is rewarded with praise and recognition when they master a skill that they may have found difficult.

Level System

Level 1

Splash Swim Star 1
For the complete beginner, learners will progress from swimming with aids to swimming short distances independently. They will learn to float and explore early breath control practices.

Level 2

Splash Swim Star 2
Developing their independent front and back paddle, children will swim further and become more confident and competent.

Level 3

Splash Swim Star 3
Swimming recognised early front crawl and backstroke, lessons will be structured to develop these further. Incorporating aquatic breathing and basic safety skills,

Level 4

Splash Swim Star 4
The last of our widths classes, here we will be refining learners Frontcrawl and backstroke technique, as well as developing backstroke.

Level 5

Splash Swim Star 5
Further skill development for Frontcrawl, with the aim of swimming 50m with recognised aquatic breathing, learners will be able to swim 25m breaststroke and perform a butterfly leg kick for 10m before progressing

Level 6

Splash Swim Star 6
Recognised starts and early tumble turn practices will be developed here. Coupled with further stroke development and more advanced safety skills, learners will be expected to maintain recognised strokes for 100m before progressing to Splash Swim Star 7

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To find out more about learning to swim, call us 029 2049 8308 or use the form below.

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